Message of President Erdoğan on the Republic Day

Kito Büyükelçiliği 28.10.2020

My August Nation,

I congratulate our citizens, living at home and abroad, on the occasion of the 29 October Republic Day.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to all our friends who share our joy on the Republic Day.

On the 97th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Türkiye, I remember with respect Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic, and all the heroes of the War of Independence.

I remember with grace and gratitude all our heroes, who were granted the honor of becoming martyr or veteran in the past thousand years to protect our homeland, from the Victory of Malazgirt to the anti-terror operations which we conduct today on numerous fronts.

I extend my respects to the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye, which is the embodiment of the national will, which directly led the War of Independence, and once again earned the title of veteran with its epic resistance against the coup-plotters on the night of July 15.

As we get ready to enthusiastically celebrate the 100th anniversary of our Republic, we move forward on our path with the determination to reach our goals for 2023.

Türkiye has conducted its struggle for democracy by overcoming numerous obstacles from the one-party dictate to coups, from the abuses of tutelage to the fight against terror.

The difficulties we were faced with during this long and difficult process have not been able to steer our nation away from its cause of independence and future. On the contrary, they reinforced our nation’s resolve.

Our nation, whose members of all ages united like a fist and became of one heart during the War of Independence which led to the foundation of our Republic, is today building its future in unity, solidarity and brotherhood.

As we get closer to our goals, the front of the attacks against our country widens, and the number and the scale of the attacks magnify.

With the strength we get from our nation, we one by one foil this wave of attacks, stretching from diplomacy to economy and our values.

The words and acts of those who are disturbed by the fact that Türkiye, whose course they used to chart through minor interventions, is acting of its own free will, are now null and void.

Türkiye will continue to act in accordance with its own vision and agenda without paying heed to what anyone else says or does.

Just like the founding will of the Republic saved our homeland from occupation by foiling the plans of the great powers, we are determined to reach our goals in the same manner.

Today, we are much more powerful, much more astute, and much more confident in all senses than we were 20 years ago.

Inshallah, when we achieve our country’s goals for 2023, we will start a brand new era in our region and the world.

As the echoes of our call that ‘the world is bigger than 5’ grow larger, we move forward towards the peaceful and prosperous future we dream of with our friends, with greater hopes.

May Allah help and guide us. With these feelings, I once again extend my congratulations on the 97th anniversary of the proclamation of our Republic.

Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN



Makbule Başak Yalçın Ambassador
Monday - Friday

08:00 - 16:00

1/2/2023 1/2/2023 New Year
2/20/2023 2/21/2023 Carnival
4/7/2023 4/7/2023 Good Friday
5/1/2023 5/1/2023 Labor Day
5/26/2023 5/26/2023 Battle of Pichincha
8/11/2023 8/11/2023 Independence Day
10/9/2023 10/9/2023 Independence of Guayaquil
11/2/2023 11/2/2023 Souls Day
11/3/2023 11/3/2023 Independence of Cuenca
12/8/2023 12/8/2023 Independence of Quito
12/25/2023 12/25/2023 Christmas Day