Covid-19 / Important Information For Passengers Traveling To Türkiye

Kito Büyükelçiliği 23.04.2021

- The restrictions on flights between the United Kingdom and Denmark and our country have been lifted.

- The ban on passenger flights between Brazil and the Republic of South Africa and our country has been extended until a new notification. Currently only transit passengers are allowed on the direct flights from South Africa and Brazil to Türkiye.

- All passengers who have been to South Africa or to Brazil 10 days prior to their travel to Türkiye, will be quarantined for 14 days following their arrival at place determined by the governorships. On the fourteenth day they will be subjected to PCR test, if test result is negative, quarantine will be lifted.

- Passengers of 6 years and older, should submit before boarding the result of negative sars-cov-2 pcr test done within the last 72-hours prior to departure.

- There will be no PCR requirement and quarantine for the crew.


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1/2/2023 1/2/2023 New Year
2/20/2023 2/21/2023 Carnival
4/7/2023 4/7/2023 Good Friday
5/1/2023 5/1/2023 Labor Day
5/26/2023 5/26/2023 Battle of Pichincha
8/11/2023 8/11/2023 Independence Day
10/9/2023 10/9/2023 Independence of Guayaquil
11/2/2023 11/2/2023 Souls Day
11/3/2023 11/3/2023 Independence of Cuenca
12/8/2023 12/8/2023 Independence of Quito
12/25/2023 12/25/2023 Christmas Day